3 Most Basic Things that Keeps a Person Healthy and Energetic

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Hello, guys this is Trishla Saxena here from Delhi, one who just completed his graduation this year 2019.My strength is a hard worker and self-motivated and dedicated towards my work. My hobbies are dancing, singing, travelling, and most important I love to go shopping and for shopping I can spend a whole day without eating food as I also cannot live without food too but during shopping I forget everything just crazy for shopping. As a fresher I don’t have work experience but I will definitely prove when opportunity knocks the door. So this is all about me. As I am feeling good by interacting with you people and sharing my views and ideas to enjoy life.

Now the question comes by I started this blog

So guys, as you all know healthy mind stays in healthy body .so with this I think you came to know about my blog topic. Because I know my audience are too smart and intelligent so it is all about health fitness and of course weight loss. Specially the new generation heavily relies on fast food and snacks which very harmful for the body and they suffer a lot due to this they get hit by heart disease, high blood pressure, high in fat etc. So basically more than 60 % to 80% are suffering from their fat and want to reduce their weight. So I Trishla saxena here to solve your problems and suggest you the things which help you keep your body healthy and fit

I want to share my sister story and her name is Mamta saxena she was very upset about her weight .so she started their diet routine and reduced the food from every meal and every morning with lemon honey in a glass of water started drinking together. So the thing is how to make your body work when the body is not getting proper nutrition. Moreover it is good to wake up and started your day with lemon and honey in a glass of warm water .so after 15 days she started getting dizzy and her body energy totally finished. She was not able to walk .so according to me avoiding food is torturing yourself. Our body need full nutrition for example protein, carbohydrate, fibre etc. Specially in India if the person is fatty or wants to reduce their weight they just come up with two things first is to start dieting and last is going to running but they do not really understand what is causing harm to their body so rather leaving food ,stop eating outside food and eat which is healthy for your body, running is also of no use unless you stop eating things from here and there . Due to this many problems occur we can’t even actively do our routine activities because the body is not getting proper nutrition and  it is all because the energy does not stay in our body. So avoiding food is not the solution. But of course eat something which is healthy.

If you really want to decrease your weight then regular exercise is must and a single day if you miss your exercise then you forget about weight loss because your body needs everything in the disciplined manner if you like dancing then it is very good to remain fit. Because I do it myself and it is entertaining too you will not get bored and remember one thing never keep in mind by starting avoiding food you cannot lose your way but do not eat outside food because the role of nutrition is 90% and the role of exercise is 10% for your body so nutrition is most important for your body.

3 things are more important

  • Doing regular exercise
  • Having proper food
  • Sleep well

So start doing these 3 things. I know some people have to struggle a lot because after applying so many things they do not get result. but the thing that happened can stop them from growing further. So start following just 3 things not more than that so now you came to know about everything about my blog I am here to solve your problems regarding health, fitness, and weight loss.

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