6 Reasons Because of which, you are not able to lose weight

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6 Reasons Because of which, you are not able to lose weight

 6 Reasons Because of which, you are not able to lose weight Because Weight loss is something very simple, if you work hard and towards the right direction You will reduce very easily, But there must be something that you simply do wrong. You are working hard but still not getting the fruit of weight loss. Today, I’m going to tell you the 6 reasons why you are not able to lose weight.

 If you follow my weight loss tips Very effortlessly and without working hard you’ll be ready to lose your weight. The First reasons why you are not able to lose weight.

  1. Stress;

 Stress is a disease You must be thinking why am I calling it a disease. This is a Disease which everyone has these days tell me who is there, who don’t have stress. How to fight with the stress, and how to get out of it this no one knows Stress means being worried & anxious. If your work is not done you feel worried Now you will ask me how is it possible that because of stress we will gain weight. Because, in our body We have AFS-adrenal fatigue syndrome It produces a hormone cortisol. This Hormone my Friends.These Hormones ruin your digestive system, and your metabolism. If this hormone Cortisol is high then your metabolism goes slow. The Whole day in your head is filled with Stress And you retain on thinking of just one thing. You are not happy from inside. Because you think continuously how will this work or that work are done. That means you are constantly and whole day Your Body is in stress. Just think your AFS System In your Body in which the cortisol hormone which is being produced so much the whole day. Just imagine how high, the level of Cortisol. How it is ruining your digestive system and metabolism. It will totally make it stop whatever you will eat will not be digested. That is why Old, and wise people used to say, so don’t take Stress. This is my first and most important reason for weight not reducing. So my weight loss tips for you is Stress We all have, I also have.  We must know how to deal with it. If we all know the way to affect the stress then we’ll become the master of stress, it’ll be in our control. 

  1. Sedentary lifestyle 

Means you have a job where you need to sit the whole day, or you do some work where you sit the whole day, And you don’t even try to walk or move around the whole day then it will be very difficult for you to do weight loss. Because, in your Sedentary lifestyle even you go the gym or exercise for 1 Hour and therefore, the whole day you’re getting to Sit. Do you realize what about the other 23 hours of your day ?

 There are numerous cells in your body that require energy to figure that energy will only come if your gastrointestinal system is functioning properly.Your Digestive system need the energy by moving around. You need to walk or keep on doing some sort of exercise. Make Conscious effort . Wear a tracking equipment Watches or Apps on your phone, to count your steps. My Advice every day Minimum do 10000 Steps Not in a week , I mean every day friends. Yes, try it once my friends, you will have suffer no loss nor any money of yours will be going out of your pocket. If you like it then, then don’t do it But promise me that you will definitely try if you see the result from your effort. You will carry on with my weight loss tip Friends tell me in comments which all weight loss tips you found useful in your weight loss journey You workout in the Gym for 2 hours ? or You work out for 1 Hour You do vigorous and intense workout and exercise.

  1. starvation mode

If you eat very less , very less just like a bird Well that means that in your body starvation mode is on. Your Body has declared a emergency ,that the owner of the body is in some problem Your Body and Metabolism this that the body need help to survive as lots of cells to require care within the body. Come lets all get together as save the body from starvation As he’s not eating anything , lets close all his digestion and metabolism As he’s eating slowly and slowly. He then can keep on using energy from there. You not getting any benefit from this but you are actually hurting your weight loss. Because you don’t know the difference between the right and wrong calories. If you have seen my previous weight loss article. You must have learnt that right calories are that are balance diet have the right amount of protein shave the right amount of crabs. Have right amounts of Fats.

Remember there are good fats and bad fats. If we eat the right amount what our body actually needs. There is no power in the world that can stop you from lose weight. All this system has been made by GOD. Follow it properly and in an intelligent way and your weight will reduce. So if we are eating junk food Instead, If you eat a bowl of salad , you can eat two bowls also Eat Vegetables , Eat your Proteins Drink 2 bowls of cooked pulses (legumes). So if we eat right food which is nutritious for our body Which will provide nutrition’s and minerals to the body which will turn into energy that my Weight Loss Tip : Eat Less , compute Less Eat More , compute more ,Remember this Weight Loss Mantra then see how you do not reduce .

  1. sleeping pattern

 Yes are you able to believe it that , you reduce even once you are sleeping Yes! I could also not believe it earlier But this is often a observation . Now you’ve got to believe it Because as we sleep , fat is being released from our body And at that point If we do not have quality sleep then all the fat in our body get acclimated Like a sealed bottle it remains inside your body and how cannot lose fat So all your equipment Like Laptop , mobiles , TV or anything else similar that you sit back at watch at night and enjoy yourself and you don’t sleep and keep on enjoying yourself Leave them aside give your body a trial run. Try and See yourself, If you sleep on time Is body able to react positively to this changes your body getting any benefit of it then we must try it. All the equipment which emit Blue Light Your Mobile from which you are doing your social networking in the dark otherwise you are watching TV. All the Emit BLUE LIGHT, It doesn’t allow us to go into deep sleep So at least 2 hours before you go to sleep. Put all your electronic equipment on the side. Yes it’s very difficult But you’ve got to try to to it for your system and weight loss, If you are doing all this you’ll sleep like baby and your body detox will happen while you are sleeping. All the fat your body has stored, All the Fat as poison which is stored in your body. It will all release at night. As only while sleeping body release the fat All that we do the whole day , the work outs and diet At night only your fat will be released when your body is in deep sleep. So you see the importance of good sleep and we only sleep for 3-4 hours at night have give less priority to sleep. In the modern times , not one sleep for 8-10 hours as they have to get up early for work we have to here or there get ready for work, we take out time from our sleep time to enjoy yourself in social networking sites, these things are very bad for us. Give Sleep the your priority Sleep comes first and everything else comes later. Because is seems all the health problems ladies are facing like PCOD thyroid , Ovarian Health Issues Lots of related health problems You believe it or not, but it is link to your sleep. If you sleep in the dark , fat are going to be released from your body All the issues from being fat, of these problems you will not have. Keep on telling me comments, how you’ve got found my weight loss tips till now and the way did these weight loss tips helped you in your life and the way did you start your weight loss journey ?And how much weight loss have you ever done till now .

  1. Acidity and Constipationin

Now my 5th Weight loss tip , which is very important also is that is Hindi we call it burning feeling in tummy and not able to pass stools. This Problem cases so many diseases in the system All the toxic waste of the body. If it stays inside the body and in the morning don’t come out. Just image what kind of health havoc it must be playing in your body, and how much destruction it must be causing inside your body. That one gets diseases and the body system is slowing down the digestive system in the body the metabolism. The process of the body to break down food and release it after 24 hours from the body. If we do not do because the nature intended us to try to to meaning needless to say there’s an enormous problem in your body. so what’s the cure for it , we must look for it not eating medicines etc and think everything are going to be ok. No! Do it naturally – Drink more Water Have more Fiber in your food Chew your food 32 times Who say look at your mobile or Tv while eating your food No , Not Doing !! Just concentrate of the food that you are eating. Do you best that you simply chew your food 32 times once you eat your food Then see how you do not naturally clear your stomach and pass stool and the way nice you feel all your food will be easily digested. But please don’t abuse your body By putting Junk Food the oily food , heavy food . Don’t put all this in your body Your Body dont require all this at all.


  1. Positive Energy

My 6 Weight loss Tip and the Last one is Keep Positive Energy while you eat your food. Tell me the truth when you are eating a bowl of salad enjoying away what are you thinking , are you thinking of the salad bowl or are you thinking of something else. Oh I wish i was eating my favorite Chips Pastry or tasty junk food. If all this come to your mind then you are doing wrong please don’t do it. because in your body all the positive energy when that itself positive harmonies get activated, which helps in your weight loss if you eat something and think something then you are creating negative energy regarding your food, and your weight loss plan won’t be ready to continue for an extended time. You will only manage it for a few days maybe for 1-2 weeks and will leave your diet then what food you think about you will get stuck on that food itself then eating at food , you will become ..what you already are. So you have to make a conscious effort in your mind Think hard and you have to decide what you are eating is good best for you which junk do not have to believe it. This food is merely a taste of your tongue, which just last for a second Control your food cravings. If you’ll control this , you cannot even image how good your future life are going to be . meaning once you eat your healthy food consider all the positive things about your future and the way you’ll you look and feel and what all goodies can happen to you. you get complements , people will say all quite goodies about you. you’ll finally get that feel good think about your life . you’ll wear good clothes. you’ll look handsome for boys and delightful for women . you’ll be like your Bollywood Heroes, that you simply search to consider all these goodies . Then only you eat healthy food, you’ll be happy this is often a scientifically incontrovertible fact All the people that have done weight loss in their life times their priority was RIGHT FOOD RIGHT SLEEP AND RIGHT EXERCISE. Like I even have already told you before in one among the load loss tips and life style change they don’t do all , this, just a brief while they made it into a neighborhood of their life style and pattern. It become a neighborhood of their life, and that they kept of following it a day since on, If you follow of these tips regularly and make them a part of your life. I can guarantee you. Nobody can stop you for losing weight and you’ll never ever gain weight in your life. AFS-adrenal

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