How to stay Fit and Active? By Trishla saxena


Hey guys what’s up welcome back to my blog and today I’m going to be sharing with you guys, how to make your body fit and active. I will be covering things like you know exercising and eat well because being healthy is not just about being skinning it’s also about making sure that your body is in good shape. As an airplane is tested, it is actually tested before every flight. In this way, we have to check our body regularly. Is the energy level in my body falling or rising, because of what I am doing, Mentally you cannot be fit unless you are not physically fit .many who are our emotional turmoil we are sad many times without any reason. There is no reason but our mood is disturbed, it is related to our body only but we don’t know about it. So the first thing to do is to work on your body, we think that going to Gym means working on the body, doing yoga is all on the superficial level. so there are one nutrition and whatever else you are doing, increase your holding capacity to stay fit I will tell you an interesting thing if you are doing something in yoga and there is a problem in one part of your body so it can happen, suppose if you have a pain in your neck or are in the lower back, you go to a doctor and doctor do something on the neck and that should be fixed so it not done that way. Doctors are also unable to understand where the exact problem is there actually this incident happened with me that’s by I am telling .so this is very likely there is no problem at all where you are in pain the problem is somewhere else. Someone else your muscles are stiff due to its hardness, the whole weight comes is above your upper muscles and lower muscles because of that he has to do extra work, and that’s why there is a pain And you don’t even see the main area where the exact problem, neither doctor find out.

  Now the question is how have to hold on to that stretch for a particular time for a minute


So what we do instantly made it posture for 5 to 10 seconds and then came to another so you need to hold on it .It is the most important thing because today our lifestyle in the wrong path and we are ignoring it. A very interesting thing to tell you what we do and what we should do. For example as checking or testing of aircraft is done regularly, whether it is in good condition or bed condition. Not that it looks good from outside, alright then. However it is regularly checked. which means if your body is still well then also you need to do some stretching, some strengthening because in the coming time whatever your lifestyle right now your lifestyle will not take much time to trouble you. Within 5 to 10 years, physiotherapists telling that earlier old men used to come for their treatment regarding body pain but now it has turned upside down, now all young people come. People are having problems in very young age and even among you guys, in the age of 20, 21 it means that we are doing something wrong somewhere. Because one of my friend she was suffering from back pain from one year but what she did just ignored the pain and one day what happened she was sitting on the bed and when she tries to get up but she can’t and it took 3 months to recover. That’s why I’m telling these things so that you guys always remain healthy and active. So if you have any pain don’t ignore at all because it is the signal for you to take precautions. so if who is the next generation and who is in the present time so they must have understood these things is you start working now, then the life to come can be great. One thing more as the body is interconnected if we do not work on the part of our body then whole body will be affected .so what is the way now whenever we start working on our body do not miss a single day. If you turn on the exercise for a long time, at least for one minute then only the things will start working. And you will always remain healthy and active. So keep in mind one golden rule you have to exercise at any cost you are getting bored changes may also do so it’s up to you what you want from your life a joyful life or a stressful life. At least one hour must give for your body but the beginners just start doing according to your capacity but according to that increases your time. In the next article I will tell you about some tips of weight loss must read it guys and comment below… now its time to go. Bye guys


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